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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pineapple Flowers

 Do you know those pinterest fail blogs, the ones where they try pinterest pins and then let you know it didn't work. I actually thought I had also pinned this to try, but I couldn't find it on my board. Even though my pics are lousy, I don't think this was a fail. One of the comments on the fail blog, said that this worked for her, since people did have success with it, when I saw a family member cutting up pineapple, I cut one thin slice. The original instructions are here. I followed the instructions from there. They were a bit moist still too, so I could have probably dried them out a bit further-if I kept a close eye on them I didn't put it in a cupcake tin to dry overnight to get the flower shape, since it seemed to me that it wasn't a fail and was just testing technique, the flower was bright an pretty, although the edges did get a bit tan. Apparently it was also delicious. So I guess pinterest failers are lazy!

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