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Monday, April 15, 2013

Healthy Smoothies

Usually people talk about smoothies in the summer time. Everyone knows that smoothies are great after you've had oral surgery when you can only eat smooth, or soft items. After mine I actually stuck mostly to vanilla Greek Yogurt. But I believe smoothie should be for anytime, they're pretty easy to whip up and healthy too. If you go to a store and pick up a smoothie, it will often contain ice cream and milk. Yep, one of my favorite smoothies from a local store is strawberry and it is not cheap. I finally wised up and watched them make it. About 3 scoops of strawberry ice cream and a splash of milk all blended up for a medium smoothie or small (it only comes in medium and large). I was like that's it. I could make that myself.

While I like the convenience of buying, I like to know what's going into my food. I'm trying to eat healthier and knew I wouldn't want to buy a smoothie after my oral surgery. I found quite a few healthy smoothie recipes online and ended up using none of those. Some of them had tofu or other weird ingredients in them. Okay tofu is not really weird, but I try to stay away from soy type products. Although there are instances where I will use those ingredients, I might even do a post about certain instances. Basically I felt it was unnecessary in a smoothie.

I made my own smoothie recipe and hoped it would work.

Mixed Fruit Smoothie

1 plain Greek Yogurt*
frozen mixed fruit (it was approximately a cup)
honey to taste**
splash of nonfat milk

I blended it all together. I did have to open the lid of the blender a few times and push the fruit to the bottom, so it would get blended. I'm wondering if I partially thawed it, if it would have worked a little better. 

Mixed Fruit Smoothie

Chunky Mango Smoothie
1 plain Greek Yogurt
Frozen Mango (approximately a cup)
honey to taste (optional)**
Splash of nonfat milk 

Blend it all together. Some pieces didn't get blended, that's why this one is called chunky, if you want it thinner add more milk.

*I think other flavors would work, although I would leave out the honey if using other flavors.
**Depending on the fruit and yogurt you're using, you might not need honey, I find the plain yogurt needs a little sweetener for my taste, so I added honey and this way I'm in control of how much sweetener is added.

Chunky Mango Smoothie

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