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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Turning Photos into Stickers

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I recently saw someone ask a question about turning an already printed out photo into a magnet. I would never have thought of even doing a post on this because to me it's so obvious. If you're making it into a magnet, I would think it's a photo you care about and don't want to get ruined. If this is the case, I strongly suggest laminating it. If you have a laminating machine, you can do it yourself or take it to a copy shop. If you want to be even cheaper than that, remember my Hijara game board, we're going to laminate your picture the same way, using packing tape. You need to take this slow in order to avoid creasing. See the DIY lamination below.

Materials Needed:

Photo to laminate or laminated photo
Promotional Magnets/Bumper Stickers/Magnets from businesses or Magnetic Tape

Glue (optional)

Packing Tape (if doing DIY Lamination)

Once you have your laminated picture, you just need to glue your magnet onto the back of the photo, unless you are using the tape which has a sticky side to it. I would recommend giving the whole back part of the photo magnet.

From strongest to weakest hold (all will work though):
Bumper Sticker
Promotional Magnets
Magnetic Tape

There you have it your magnetic photo!

DIY Lamination
Lay out a strip of packing tape and place photo face side down on top, then lay out a second strip of packing tape on top covering up the blank side of the photo. Trim as needed.

Enjoy plastering your fridge with photos of your family, use it for a pictorial menu board etc.

PS-Although some people might say you can use magnetic photo paper, I didn't see too many with good reviews which is why I didn't suggest it. This following product while not only for photos, seemed to have good reviews and is multi-functional.

Freez-A-Frame Magnetic 8.5-Inch x 11-Inch Photo Frame

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