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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pizza Pockets

This is a really yummy lunch or snack idea. If you don't have a sandwich maker, they  are pretty inexpensive. I like the ones with the partitions.


I recommend this one, if you're going to be purchasing one, triple the functionality, this one has 3 interchangeable plates, sandwich maker plate, grill plate and waffle plate. Awesome!

we don't have this brand, but we do have a 3 in One.

or you can make it in the oven, although it won't be quite the same.

Pizza Dough-You can use your favorite recipe or use this really easy one that I used
1 C. lukewarm water
1T. instant yeast
1/2 t sugar
1 t salt
1/4 C. olive oil
2 1/2 C. flour

Mix yeast with flour. Add rest of ingredients & beat well. Knead in more flour ( you have to use your own judgement here-do it by feel, the dough should be elastic & soft, not too dry. Let rest 15 minutes.

Sauce-I used Barilla Marinara
Cheese-I used Shredded Mozarella
Optional: other fillings of your choice: meat, olives, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, etc.

Take pizza dough and roll it into a square of dough about the size of a square slice of bread. Roll out another square the same size.

(Optional: slightly bake the dough for a minute or two-I skipped this step)

one square

2 squares approximately the same size

 Spread sauce and sprinkle on cheese on one square. Place square on Sandwich maker. Take second square and place on top. Let the sandwich maker do it's job-you should end up with 2 pizza pockets

spread sauce on dough-mine could have used  more sauce

and  more cheese-here it's on the sandwich maker ready to be assembled

put the square with just sauce over the other square.
SEAL by pressing the edges of the dough together with your finger
to make it look even fancier, after pressing down, seal again with the tines of a fork

Close your sandwich maker, if you have a 3 in one
make sure it's set to sandwich, if you want it a bit crispier,
 then set it one number higher
it's cooking.
The sandwich maker will turn off or click when it's done.

It's ready, you can break/cut it in half & serve
Someone wasn't very willing to let me get a picture,
 they wanted to eat it NOW!

Ideas for Sandwich Maker:

I have not made any of these, except the one they call pizza pockets with the bread. I do think the second link is a lot more creative with their use of the sandwich maker.


  1. Yum, I love making pizza pockets so quick & delicious! Thanks so much for sharing at Sunday Round Up! Have a great week!,

    -Kayla :)

  2. So cool. Healthy substitute for store-bought Hot Pockets. Going to pin these... Found your post via DIY Dreamer. :)

  3. They look soooo good! I've never made any before! Looks like fun!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!


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