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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pizza Rolls

I like pizza rolls every once in a while, a unhealthy treat. In the pizza stores over here, they sell for around $2.50. But, guess what? You could make them yourself.

All you need for the simple version are: 32 egg roll wrappers, 1 lb. shredded mozzarella cheese (best if you shred it yourself, the pre-shredded has anti-caking agents which give the cheese a powdery taste), and 24* ounces pizza sauce.

Mix up the shredded cheese and pizza sauce. Spoon into egg roll wrappers, fold up and deep fry.

They were good. These were adapted from this recipe. The pizza rolls over here don't come fancy, sauce and cheese is what you get, so that's what we were aiming for. You might have noticed that we used less sauce in our recipe, that's because we used one jar of Barilla tomato and basil sauce which only come with 24 ounces. *Some family members (including ones who like things saucy) found it to saucy even with only the 24 ounces of sauce. So use your judgement.  Be careful, remember that the inside will often still be very hot even when the outside is cool. Next time, we might try to bake a few, and see how we like them. This makes for some awesome party food.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sequin Art

Ok, I promised you something sparkly a while ago and here it is. You're going to need:

 some styrofoam, a thin fabric or paper (I like black), sequin pins-I used head pins and don't really recommend them for this project, last but not least some nice SPARKLY SEQUINS. Optional Supplies include a strong magnet, ziploc bag, or container, and a safety pin (if you decide not to listen to me and use head pins).

Oh, that's right, you also need a sharpie, a template (in my case a fish), for kids I recommend you do a simple shape such as a star or a heart.

scrap of styrofoam
1. Take your piece of styrofoam

measuring how much I need, see my markings

and check how much you need for your picture, by laying out your template on top of the styrofoam

2. Next I measured how much fabric (can even use scrapbooking paper for covering) I needed to cover the styrofoam and made sure to leave enough to be able to glue it on the back.

Checking how much covering I need

3. Cut it and use a strong adhesive to glue it down, I used Elmer's Spray Glue Adhesive-only because I had it left over from a previous project.

bad pic of me gluing it up

better pic of me gluing it up
all done, looks nice

4. Now take your template, or freehand a drawing of your choice with your sharpie (mine ended up being a combination of freehand and template.

all done
all done, less light in this pic, because I wasn't sure which one would show up the sharpie better
5. Now, for the fun and tedious part, if you were stubborn and didn't listen to me and tried to use headpins, this is where the safety pin comes in. You will need to help the headpin by creating a hole using the safety pin for the headpin to go through. If you did listen to me, you should be able to skip this step.

safety-pinning the eye of the fish
holding the sequin in place, while I fish around for a headpin
(pun was unintended)

6. Using your sequin pins, put your pin through the hole in the sequin and push into the desired location in the styrofoam block.

I started with the eye of the fish and you can just do a bunch of these & have flowers

Here is it throughout it's creation and yep should have gone with something simple.

thin fabric or paper
sequin pins
sparkly sequins
strong glue (NOT HOT GLUE-it will melt the styrofoam)

 What to do with those optional supplies:
What you never dropped a pin on the floor?

That's what strong magnets are for, they're for picking up pins that fall

Why do I need a ziploc bag or container?

Sequins as well as sequin pins have a tendency to escape, we'll try to contain them in the ziploc bag or container, especially as this project may take a few days to complete.

I've got tons of sequins left over, what can I do with them?

They have other fun styrofoam stuff, you can take one of those styrofoam balls and stick sequins in all over and you'll have a sparkly decoration. Or, (quick disclaimer: haven't tried this) you can carve out your own shape, 3d bear or something and stick in sequins all over, or repeat this project with your child's name or initial

Have Fun

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