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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Funny Balloon People and Stickers

I used to enjoy making these as a kid. We got it as a kit, but there's no reason you can't put together your own.

1. Blow up 1 ballon.

2. Cut out a heart shape from a heavy paper, card stock or cardboard. (I'm not that good at drawing hearts.)

3. Use funny face stickers to make your own crazy looking ballon person.

4. Make a small hole in the heart shaped feet and insert the knot of the balloon pulling it through the paper.

Check out my amazon store on the bottom (scroll all the way down) for funny face stickers.

or you can make lick and stick stickers.

Lick and Stick Stickers

Take one packet of gelatin and and dissolve in a half a cup of water. Take a paintbrush and paint the backs of what you want to use as stickers. I used these, because I didn't have any stickers on hand. Wait for them to dry-approximately 1/2 an hour. When dry you can lick and stick them on to different surfaces.

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