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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pictures of Various Mishloach Manos

As promised the back of the iPod costume.

Check out this one. Isn't the iPod adorable. I saw this on various sites for valentines. I found the template and edited it for Purim. I did have to shrink it down a bit though. I wrapped up truffles for the earbuds. We put a cry baby in too. Do you see how the popcorn can look like a mike, and you can eat popcorn at the concert.
Go here to make your own ipod templates. I used Word to customize mine further. 

Remember these, were you wondering what's inside of these Mishloach Manos?

Check this out

These were bought already filled with nosh and candy. Plus they had a bonus-gragger (aka noise-maker), and they are a science inquiry tool kit, which can be bought here (click on picture)  
We spray painted all of these, and I then found a template, where I again had to adjust the size cut out the eyes and mouth to form a stencil and then used a Sharpie or black paint marker to color the eyes and mouth.

Another member's of my family's costume. This is not a picture of them though. This is just a picture of the costume.

Next post, I hope to show you what I do with some of that nosh and candy

This is what we put in for the Mishloach Manos, to go with this costume, gushers, fruit by the foot, abc cookies, candy pacifier, wafer and cry babies, we made little bows out of baby themed ribbon (can you make out the teddy bear) and hot glued it on. See the little ABC block on the ABC cookies. Bonus points for anyone who figures out the/a connection to baby from the gushers and fruit by the foot.

Click on this link to buy this costume:
Baby on Mommy Back Funny Adult Halloween Costume

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