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Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Costumes

Here are some of our costumes, lego men without the trapezoidal shirt and with. Kid liked the shirt, but preferred not to wear it. Red lego man 's gloves are supposed to be tucked inside the sleeves. I did that after I took the pic, oh well. We had the iPod playing music. The kids are holding the Mishloach Manos that they gave out. (Hope to post pics of those soon, as well as the back of the iPod). 

iPod Costume

1. Take a large cardboard box and cut out holes for arms and the screen.
2. Spray paint costume with chosen color.
3. Paste symbols in appropriate spots on costume. We used oak tag (poster board) for the menu wheel as well as the apple in the back.
4. Put speaker cloth in hole for screen, use velcro backs to hold it in place.
***We used this shirt.

iPod Symbols in white
iPod Symbols in black

Hope you had a great Purim.

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