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Thursday, March 17, 2011


So, I'm still in the Purim swing over here. I would like to share some costume ideas, and hopefully by the time the holiday is over I will post the costumes, I made for my siblings.

Some Costume Ideas

Princess-a party dress with a tiara from the dollar store and lots of jewelry. You can even buy some plastic beads and have your child make it herself, if you want or just need an activity to keep her busy.

Miner/Construction Worker-Plaid shirt, jeans, yellow construction/hardhat and for Miner-we had these headlight lamps that we taped on top of the hat.

Cowboy or cowgirl-jeans or jean skirt, plaid shirt, cowboy hat and bandanna

Police Man-suit and make a badge out of silver foil and cardboard, this badge can also be used in conjunction with the cowboy costume to turn your little guy into a Sheriff. The only thing you would need to buy here is the police man's hat.

Pilot-use blue pieces of felt with yellow felt stripes on top, put these pieces on a white shirt to make the pilot's shirt, you can use the felt to also make the wings on the shirt, black or blue pants, blue tie, pilot hat.

Jelly Beans-take one of those large clear bags and fill it with different color balloons (blown up), take an oak tag and decorate half of it to look like the brand that you are dressing up as, fold this oak tag over in 1/2 and staple it to the bag, stapling the bag shut. Add a string so, the costume hangs on you like a necklace.

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