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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wrapping Cookies or Candy Individually

Wrapped Cookie

So, Purim is next week, I'm in the middle of getting the costumes ready. Well, one I bought because it was just too cute and the other one I'm making. I hope it will be ready before Purim-ah. I'm also making shalach manos-gift baskets. Here's the thing, I didn't want to put an unwrapped cookie in a bag with all the other nosh. So here's what I did. You can wrap 2 at a time this way.

Saran Wrap
 Scotch Tape -(clear is even better)
Cookies to wrap

Take your saran wrap and cut off a rectangle being careful that it doesn't stick to itself.
Place your cookies on the opposite ends of the saran wrap-leaving extra saran wrap all around.
Fold the Saran Wrap over the cookies and onto itself. Pressing around the edges to seal it.
I then cut the middle, to separate the 2 cookies.
Then fold the extra saran wrap onto the back and tape to secure.

**The tighter you pull and fold, the nicer the cookies will look.

This can also be done with candy as seen here:

lay your candy out on the saran wrap

fold and press all around

this it the hard part, cut in between each one,
 you will end up with a great seal. For a neater look see next pic.

Fold over the extra saran wrap and take a small piece of scotch tape
(smaller than the one shown in the pic) and tape it down. Flip it over and you have it wrapped really nice-see next pic

All wrapped up

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