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About Me

I'm a recent college grad. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my B.S. in psychology. I am affiliated with the Psi Chi International Honor Society and the American Psychological Association. I hope to further my education and obtain a Master's in Education. I am the second to oldest in my family and am the oldest girl. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. I love kids and dream of opening my own preschool. I like to travel and have fun unique experiences. I hate amusement parks. I love water parks. My body doesn't tolerate amusement park rides even the non-scary rides like the swings, but is okay with water park rides, perhaps because they're mostly water slides except for the log flume. I like when other people enjoy the food I make. I enjoy the pretty aspect and if I have time, I will take the time to arrange the food to look pretty. I enjoy cake and cookie decorating. I'm working on taking better pictures though.

I got so stuck trying to make this interesting, because this is the most interesting part of the blog anyway, that I generated this poem:

Responsible, Creative, Caring, Loving 
Sibling of 5 
Lover of Kids 
Who fears the future 
Who needs space and money 
Who gives love 
Who would like to see peace 
Resident of New York 

I don't have a favorite color or a favorite food. When I was in (all-girls) preschool, I remember the teachers asking all of us, our favorite color. Politics start young, even in preschool. Obviously as a girl, most young girls will say pink. My preschool class' politics were such that whatever you were to say someone would have a problem with it. Come to think of it, it was the same at home. Freedom of speech was not alive. Back to the story, so in my class we loved to be different, and come up with original answer. Some kids probably said black in an attempt to be different. I hope no one read into those kids' responses. We probably had the kids who said all of them. The classic pink answer was probably provided too and it's possible that some kids gave other answers. I just stole my mom's favorite colors and told them Hot Pink and Purple. I have no clue what I told them for food, or if the question was even asked, by why do we need favorites anyway. I enjoy all the colors and like a variety of food.

I enjoy painting and drawing, although I like painting more. I hate the mess though and the clean-up. Actually I hate the mess and cleaning up of anything, it's not paint specific. I'm interested in painting portraits based off of photographs, or even interesting photos.

If you have any questions or would like to commission me to paint a photo for you you can contact me using the contact form below:


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