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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pizza Rolls

I like pizza rolls every once in a while, a unhealthy treat. In the pizza stores over here, they sell for around $2.50. But, guess what? You could make them yourself.

All you need for the simple version are: 32 egg roll wrappers, 1 lb. shredded mozzarella cheese (best if you shred it yourself, the pre-shredded has anti-caking agents which give the cheese a powdery taste), and 24* ounces pizza sauce.

Mix up the shredded cheese and pizza sauce. Spoon into egg roll wrappers, fold up and deep fry.

They were good. These were adapted from this recipe. The pizza rolls over here don't come fancy, sauce and cheese is what you get, so that's what we were aiming for. You might have noticed that we used less sauce in our recipe, that's because we used one jar of Barilla tomato and basil sauce which only come with 24 ounces. *Some family members (including ones who like things saucy) found it to saucy even with only the 24 ounces of sauce. So use your judgement.  Be careful, remember that the inside will often still be very hot even when the outside is cool. Next time, we might try to bake a few, and see how we like them. This makes for some awesome party food.


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