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Monday, November 26, 2012

Gift Giving Season Has Arrived

I'm going to bring up a topic that I've brought up before. Because I feel it's important. Because you can be getting money back. I don't understand why more people aren't doing it.  No it's not a scam, I have cashed checks from them. 

Let's see, you have along list of gifts that you need to buy for the upcoming holidays. You have to buy essentials, like clothes. Fortunately no one has ever actually tried to give me clothes as a gift. Or maybe a coffee-maker is essential for you to start your day off right. Now, what if I told you, that you could save more money than you already are. Yep, in addition to coupons.Whatever you need, before you shop, go to EBATES. Make an account. It would be very foolish of you not to make an account. You shop these stores anyways, to make it even easier, they have a browser app which you can install to your toolbar. Best thing ever, you won't even have to go to EBATES and click through them. If EBATES is associated with them, there will be a pop-up which you have to click to apply it to your order. EBATES will apply a tracking ticket to the sites you visit. If you make a purchase, you will get a whatever percentage that store is offering back. GO CHECK IT OUT NOW! I don't think I'm usually so forceful, compelling, or commanding. But what I don't understand is why people have not started using it. I thought everybody likes to save money and find the best deal. The voice of Unique Heart has spoken.

Check out:

EBATES-online rebates and nothing to mail.

The way this site works is that they have a list of stores, that offer you a percentage back. Let's say your kid needs clothes. Go to EBATES and click on the clothing category. You will see a list of clothing sites with the percentage back that they are offering. Let's say you usually shop at Land's End. Scroll down the list of sites to Lands End and click shop now. An EBATES tracking ticket will pop open and take you to Land's End. Some sites even offer coupons in addition, just click on the store name before clicking shop now. Once you purchase an item, EBATES will send you a check or you can get it through paypal or even have it given to charity. What's not to like? Try it now, it's totally FREE to sign up and if you need to spend money, why not save while you're at it. 

P.S.- If for some reason the above is not compelling enough,  but later on you decide to join or some friend convinces you better than I can. Then you can always come back and on my sidebar, there is a link which will take you straight to EBATES

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