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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Creamy Mac N Cheese Part 1

Saw a recipe on pinterest for macaroni and cheese recipe that boils the pasta in milk. Boiling pasta in milk sounds good, doesn't it? I had some time, so decided to try it, but I adapted the recipe a bit. Googling it, turns up quite a few versions, which are all pretty much the same, I used this one:
The idea is that the starch that's released from the noodles thickens the sauce and the milk makes it creamy and if you ask me, evaporation helps to make it thicken.

I filled up pot with milk, added the pasta, cooked it for 15+ minutes (pasta wasn't cooked after 15 minutes, I think it took more like 20 minutes for me). Didn't have shredded cheese, so tore up American Cheese Slices and added that, till it seemed thick and creamy enough.

Creamy Mac N Cheese
with bad lighting, but I think you get the idea of the cheesiness and it's potential awesomeness,
if  you don't find it too sweet like I did

So here was my take on it: Not bad, a little too sweet for me. Prefer my version which has a similar effect with less work and much faster.

This Version:                                                                            My Version:

didn't like, too sweet                                                                 Flavor is not too sweet, just right
too long to make                                                                       Whips up pretty fast
stir constantly 10-15 min or in my case even longer                 Not stirring pasta constantly

              some people may like it                                                                 I like it

Since this is similar to my version, I think I will stick to my version because a) I like it better and b) it's quicker (at least it seems like it-didn't actually time it to the second)

Stay Tuned for Part 2 with my version-coming soon-I call mine Macaroni with Cheese Sauce.

Here it is Mac N Cheese Part 2

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