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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sun Prints with a Twist

My camera returns and when it goes on vacation it means it. I mean it didn't do any work, so there are no new pictures on it. Anyway, while he was on vacation, we made a sun print. Also someone was inspired by the chalk mickey mouse. He made about 5 of them, and they came out very good. I can't show them to you because the rain washed them away while a certain "something" was on vacation.

Sun Prints are a fun project. We took a doily, a rectangle one, because it was bent. Taped the doily over black construction paper. The construction paper is key here. I most likely could have used a different color paper, as long as it was construction paper.

Found a stone to hold it down, put it over the doily, but not covering any holes. Left it outside in the bright sun. Came back a few hours later, to find it had blown away despite the stone, but the job had basically gotten done. I stripped off the doily to find a beautiful design.

Some ideas for your doily sunprint

Just playing around with Picnik, envisioning it in purple
little girls courtesy of google images

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