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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Magazine or Junk Mail Art

This is a simple craft and it's quite likely that you have most of the materials on hand. That's a win in my book. This craft can be used to write out a name, make banners or even a pretty picture of something.

First you need to plan your image-you can do letters, names or any simple pictures.

Now you will need to cut out that image using an xacto knife, in my case I did the letter S.

My knife didn't do such a neat job
Cut out strips of magazines in your desired colors, these strips should be very thin.
I chose these colors
Using a glue stick-glue the magazine pieces onto a separate piece of paper. make sure the strips are slightly overlapping each other.

Once the entire paper is filled up with strips of magazine, cut off the excess and glue stick the paper with the image cut out of it on top.

the colors seem a little off here, it's very pretty in real life

Enjoy your gorgeous piece of art.

If you think your kids might be too little for this craft, here's another way to have your kids create a similar masterpiece. Cut the strips for your child, you may want to make them a little wider. You can either let your child place the glue on the paper or you can do it for them. Have them place the paper on the glue-it doesn't have to overlap. Take scrapbook punches and punch another paper in the area where the magazines are. Then glue it on top.

 You can get a good scrapbook puncher here.

Another option would be to use scrapbook punches to pop out the magazine instead of making strips.

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