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Monday, July 29, 2013

Tie Dye Without a Kit

Have you ever wanted to do tie-dye, but didn't have a kit. You don't need one, unless you want something more permanent. It's easy. The picture below show a bounty napkin. I used leftover solution from the firework paintings

All you need is some food coloring
white cotton bandanas (you can find white cotton bandanas in my amazon store) 
rubber bands
latex gloves so you don't dye your hands, 
containers for dipping your garment.

1. Prepare dye solutions by mixing food coloring and water in your containers or see recipe below. Prepare a few colors. 

2. Prep your garment by twisting it. The design that you see on this page was made by twisting it into a long rope and then I used two rubber bands to divide the garment into 3 parts. Note that it was a napkin so it was already folded before twisting.

3. Dip one rubber banded section into your first color. Repeat with your remaining sections.

4. Let your garment dry.

5. Open up your garment

6. Heat the colors in the dryer.

Here is a recipe you can use for a more permanent stay:
2 tablespoons of color
2 tablespoons white vinegar 
2 cups of hot water.  

When you wash the item for the first time, put one cup of salt (just table salt will work) in your washing machine and use cold water. This will help set the dye. I wouldn't wash with other items

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