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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Graduation Cap Card

I've started summer sessions. I find it quite interesting that I often end up in classes I've said I'd never take out of a lack of interest. Yup, one of my classes doesn't actually interest me, but I'm taking it anyway and it's not an easy class. Here's a summary of the class that I took from the syllabus (skip all the italics or blue color if you're not actually interested in knowing the class that I'm not interested in). "This course offers an overview of the principles of psychopharmacology: what the body does to the drug (pharmacokinetics) and what the drug does to the body (pharmacodynamics). Course focus will be on experimental animal and clinical models that explore neurobehavioral implications of drug abuse, dependence and addiction, and effects of drugs on human perception, thought, emotion and consciousness.  Classes of psychoactive drugs to be discussed include CNS stimulants (cocaine, amphetamines, MDMA), CNS depressants (alcohol, barbiturates, opiates, benzodiazepines), and hallucinogens (LSD, PCP, ketamine, mescaline).  We will also examine therapeutic usefulness of drugs that treat symptoms of schizophrenia and affective disorders, as well as anxiety disorders and select neurological disorders." I'm writing a paper for this class and wondering why what can be said in one page has to be said in two. What happened to short and succinct? I know you're thinking exactly that about this long post.  I'm also taking a class in photography (film photography), it's not a hard class, but it requires me to travel around to different locations and take pictures. It also requires me to lock myself in a darkroom that fits one person. Now, can you say panic attack, or I want to scream because it's really pitch black in there and that's exactly what you want to do in there. Then you come out of the darkroom and follow about 20 something steps to develop your film as well as doing a bunch of clock watching. At the end of the whole process right before you hang it up to dry you experience a thrill upon seeing your pictures as negatives. Now it's graduation time, congrats to all grads out there. So I'm making this card (click the link to see where I stole the idea from). On to my version of the card.

Graduation Cap Card

You will need:
black poster board/oaktag
craft glue
glue gun
optional: stapler, gel pens that write on black paper

1. Fold over the oak tag and crease it, this will mark the line where you want to cut.

folded oak tag

The scissor is indicating the line where I cut

I've cut the oaktag

I decided to remove the sticker, this is optional.
Measure it around your head or just form it into a circle. You can either staple it or glue it together. You can trim any extra or glue it down.
glued together
the other side

Now take your leftover piece of oaktag and fold it over, you may need to trim it. Glue gun  it on.

Inside of the card

Finish it off with a tassel or make a tassel yourself out of yarn. I don't have tassel making materials in my house hence the lack of the tassel.

You can use gel pens to write on the card, or you can glue a piece of paper on it.

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