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Monday, June 20, 2011

Eraser Stamps

How to make stamps out of erasers. (Parental assistance may be needed)

You will need:
pencil with the eraser moved from the metal holder
it's okay if it's squeezed 

no eraser

utility knife/razor comes in helpful sometimes

1. Draw your design onto a piece of paper, you can always trace off another image, if it will need to be reversed make sure you remember to reverse your image. Also make sure that your design will fit onto the eraser.

design in pencil

2.  Flip over your paper onto the eraser and rub it very hard, your image should be transferred over to the eraser.

image transferred

3. Decide if you want to have a positive or negative image.

4. Cut away all the areas you don't want to appear in your stamp.

5. Press onto ink pad and stamp away.

** You may want to use a razor for intricate spots.

Have Fun!

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