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Friday, May 27, 2011

Secret Messages

Here's how to make a secret message card. I didn't try to make this one look nice, because I only made it for the tutorial. I will include tips on how to make yours look nicer.

You will need:
glue stick (not craft glue-it makes problems as you'll see later on in the post.


I took one piece of my construction paper and folded it in half. (You do not need to use construction paper, I've done this project with printer paper too.)

folded my construction paper
I then sketched my message onto the second sheet of construction paper and cut it out. If you want neater letters, you can use a stencil or print them out from Word Art in Microsoft Word, and glue them on to construction paper.
My message

cut out message
Now, go back to the sheet, you folded in half, open it up and glue your letters on.

opened up second sheet of paper

glued on message

Put glue all over the paper on top of your message and the whole paper.

Too much glue (it spilled)

and it's the wrong type of glue
Glue it closed.

The creases are because I used the wrong type of glue and too much,
and that dark pink spot is because I got it a little water on it.

If the picture below happens to you, just glue another piece of paper on top.
Uh, oh, you can see part of the message
Now, have the recipient color in the message using the side of the crayon, kind of color it on an angle. 

The message appeared
 I didn't color in the whole thing, because I knew where the letters were. If you want you can give a card with the outside paper having boxes which would indicate where the recipient should color. You can even make it look like people are holding up letters to form a phrase, by having pictures of people holding up the blank squares. Or, you can just let the recipient color the whole thing until the message is revealed. Let your imagination run wild.

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