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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Image from here and/or Google Images
Quilled Bookmark, I didn't make this, but it's  pretty and it's an idea.
My flower's leaves were more teardrop shaped.

Quilling is not exactly my cup of tea, but other people enjoy it.

I  used this technique to put a flower on a card  I made for Mother's Day. It does have a beautiful  3 dimensional effect and it's not very hard, in my opinion. My pictures are not uploading for some reason, so to get an idea of what quilling looks like go here. Also you might want to wrap your paper around a chopstick or skewer if it makes it easier for you

I didn't use a quill because I don't have one and it worked fine without one I pinched it and formed the paper into the shapes I wanted.

1. Take colorful paper-I used colorful printer paper and cut into strips the same width.

2. Take the strip and form it into whatever shape you want, you may need to glue it in the beginning to hold it in place. Keep going around the shape that you made until there is no more paper, glue the edge down.

3. When you are done making all your shapes use a glue that dries clear to glue it onto your desired surface.

Have Fun!

If you would like to learn more about quilling, go here.
You can also find a quilling set for beginners in my Amazon Store at the bottom of the page.

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