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Friday, May 13, 2011

Cooking and Baking vs. Schoolwork

Before, I begin, there's something I have to say.
Yesterday is not today and today is not yesterday.
But because Blogger was down
And that made me want to frown
Today's post will be yesterday's
Even though yesterday is not today
     Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Blogger lost most of my post yesterday, so here it is, as close as possible to the original version with some minor changes. Is that an oxymoron? : )

It's a face-off between Cooking and Baking vs. doing Schoolwork. Who will win? As of now the score is 1-0 as I've made 2 batches of yummy chummus. Ooh are you going to be making tortilla's. Well it depends if I can find the recipe. Ah, here it is. These Tortillas  are so easy and yummy.


oil (that's a great measuring cup by the way)

salt in warm water-not shown

dough, before kneading

That dough looked a lot nicer after I kneaded it.

For the rest of the recipe follow this link.

Oh you wanted to see a picture of the tortillas, well you're lucky I got this snapshot of someone's dinner. No tortilla's are left, they've all been eaten by hungry people.

My little brother's dinner. Oh right, the tortilla's in the corner. I promise,  I made it from scratch.

Lasagna Roll Ups and salad (shh, it's from a bag, there was only a tiny bit left)

I've also made yummy lasagna roll ups.

I made a delicious and pretty tomato salad for my parents. This recipe makes very little, I would suggest doubling or tripling the recipe.

Simple Dairy Tomato Salad
2 tomatoes-diced
3/4 shallot-diced
feta cheese-the one that come in a basket in the water.

Mix the tomatoes and onions together. Plate. Crumble feta cheese on top.

That's it, I said easy folks and there you have it.

No picture, like I said they were hungry, I wasn't going to make them wait to eat, so I could get a picture.

I made some green bean sautee for moi. I took the bit of leftover  Barilla Garden Vegetable Tomato Sauce and the rest of the shallot, plus any tomato that was left on the cutting board, sliced one clove garlic very thin and threw it into a pan and heated it up over med-high heat until the green beans softened a little. In retrospect, I probably should have sauteed the green beans a bit first with the garlic and shallot, maybe then I wouldn't have burned the pan. But, I've got to admit it was quite delicious.

I want more.

Wait, I've got some more schoolwork done, so the score is 5-2, schoolwork is trying desperately to catch up, but there's barely any time left in the day. Wait the day's not over, schoolwork may actually make a comeback.

The day is over and our official score is 5-2, congratulation Cooking/Baking upon winning, we are proud to present you with this apron which is sure to aid you in your future endeavors.

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