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Monday, June 24, 2013

Homemade Stir Free Peanut Butter

I have an issue with natural peanut butter. That glob of oil on the top, yeah gross. Now try stirring it. It makes a mess whenever I do, and the bottom is really dry. I read about making my own peanut butter over at Averie Cooks. It didn't seem to hard, plus we had peanuts in the house that no one was eating.  The difference between the peanuts I used was that they were dry roasted in the shell peanuts and Averie used honey roasted shelled peanuts. I'm going to describe my experience using the peanuts in the shell, of course if you want you can also use shelled like Averie-will probably be much easier. All the work's in the shelling.

Shell 16 ounces or 2 cups worth of peanuts. I don't have a scale, so I used measuring cups. You want to remove the papery skins from the peanuts too, they usually come right off, but if they give you trouble, jut roll between your palms.
Shells from peanuts

You don't want peanuts that look like this:
Toss these peanuts

Peanuts that look like this are fine:

Peanut Color Palette:
The first 2 are okay, toss peanuts of the last color
Peanuts for the peanut butter

Measuring out the peanuts

2 Cups worth of peanuts

Then place in food processor and scrape down if needed, I didn't have anything to scrape down. I took around 5-7 minutes to become peanut butter. You can add your own flavorings in the last minute of processing. I didn't need to add oil.
in the food processor

Place into glass jar and refrigerate.

I got the same results, mine is a stir-free peanut butter.

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