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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Applicious Glossy Lip Balm

NYC Applicious Lip Balm

I received Applicious Glossy Lip Balm from Influenster Spring Fever Vox Box Program and it's really a cute little balm.

Pros: It has this cute apple shape in the middle. It adds a slight tint of color. The color is great. It has a fruity smell. It doesn't smell like apples. I think the smell is fine, I'm not one of those who loves the smell or hates it. I'm kind of neutral about the smell.

Cons:  I don't really like the sticky feeling and don't feel that it does a great job at moisturizing. It also doesn't live up to it's claim that it's glossy. I find that it doesn't last for more than a few hours. I've only used it alone and never in combination with other lip products, so I don't know how it would stand up being used with other products. It works for a quick boost of color to my lips for a casual look.

Many people have liked it this lip balm, so you might want to try it for yourself.

I received this lip balm complimentary from Influenster as part of the Infleunster Spring Fever Vox Box program, all opinions are mine and are completely honest.

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