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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY Dollhouse:Cardboard

Cardboard is amazing. When you buy a toy, for a child, often it's not the toy that catches the child's attention, but the box. The larger the box the better. Remember when either Land's End or LL Bean capitalized on that idea and the merchandise arrived in white boxes with pictures that kids could color on. I don't know how that helped them, but I do know it they don't ship items in those type of boxes anymore. Perhaps, because the creativity aspect that kids have is lost. Here's an idea that uses boxes and still retains a creative aspect whether for you or your child.

The main item you need for this craft is a cardboard box, instead of sending it out to recycling, turn it into a dollhouse for your girlies.

Cut off the other flaps (leave one long flap for roof) and save it to create a second floor.

Lift up one flap to create a roof.

Tape the long flap on a slant to create a roof. Use the other flaps to create the triangles.

You can use brick-like paper for the outside or you can have your child paint it.

Cut out a rectangle on 3 sides for a door. You can use a bead for the knob.

You can cut out rectangles, squares or an assortment for windows. You can use sheet protectors or acetate for the windows.

Be creative.

For the inside:

You can put one on of the cardboard flaps for a second floor.

You can use scrapbook paper for the walls, many carpet places will give out outdated carpet samples, these usually only work for very small spaces, unless you want to use it as a rug.

Decorate in your own style and I would love to see your creations.

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