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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Piroulines with Cheese Filling

Piroulines with Cheese Filling

I was asked to make something for a party specifically a dessert type item, but didn't really have much time. So cookies was out. Not saying that these were didn't take any time, but it was less time and easier than making cookies in some aspects.

I bought these Jumbo Piroulines also known as Presidor Cannoli 

I used approximately 2 (maybe 3) boxes for one recipe, I bought 4 boxes not knowing how much the recipe would make.

2 lbs ricotta cheese-drained-you want it really dry, I squeezed it through a cheesecloth, then switched it to colander and let it drain for approx. 48 hrs in the fridge and then dried some more wet spots with a paper towel. Original recipe says to put in colander and drain overnight-mine wasn't dry yet, so I left it in longer, so more water can drip out. 

Put cheese in bowl, add confectioner's sugar-no amount-it's too taste-some ppl like sweeter and some less sweet. Recipe calls for 1 Tbsp vanilla extract and/or amaretto liquor. I just put in vanilla. Optional: orange zest or lemon zest. Beat until creamy. Mix in some chocolate chips-also doesn't have an amount, you want to put in enough that there should be about 2, but no more than 2 chips in each shell. 

Fill the shells, I used a spoon and the handle of the spoon to push it in, to eliminate air pockets.

I originally was going to pipe them in and make them look all fancy, but I realized they would get messed up on travel and I was running behind schedule as it was. 

Optional: You can dip the ends into chocolate and sprinkle on nuts or other toppings. This is totally unnecessary, but just sharing the options.

They were plated nicely by the party,
this was for transportation purposes
I lifted the aluminum foil to give you a peek
These were all gone, not one left, my family didn't even get to taste, and it wasn't a huge party. I heard many people ask for these, and then for another one and yet another and another.

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