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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Candyland Series Part 3 Mr. Mint

The next stop on the board is the Peppermint Forest. For the Mr. Mint's costume we found some pink shorts, a darker pink shirt,  bought 2 pairs of red and white striped tights from party city. One pair we cut to make sleeves and the other was worn as a regular tights. The pink wig was bought and the hat was made out of oak tag aka as poster board with some red masking tape around it. The top of the hat was a clown's nose. The hat was bobby pinned to the wig and the bobby pins were taped to the hat for more stability-we had used packing tape. We bought some fake snow decorations in December. Holiday Candy Canes rounded out the look. Near the Peppermint forest we had a scalloped jar holding the peppermint candy canes. You can also sprinkle the small peppermint candies over the snow.

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