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Monday, October 7, 2013

Imagination Box

I used to love making tents out of chairs, flat bedsheets, blankets, and binder clips (clothespins weren't strong enough).  We used booster seats as shelves, and really enjoyed playing in our "tents." We made "tents" pretty often, they were never the same, although we usually had to dismantle the tent, so people can sit on the chairs.

 Young children have the greatest imaginations. Cardboard boxes become trains, boats, and houses. Under tables becomes the secret headquarters. Underneath blankets becomes tents.
Imagination is how inventions, ideas and concepts happen and society moves forward. I believe imagination should be encouraged and developed. I believe that we should let kids remove the couch cushions and build forts. I believe in playing along, foster creativity and imagination.

If I would make an imagination box, here's some items I think it should include:

Basic-Imagination Box
Flat bed sheets
Binder Clips

Regular Craft Items

An imagination box can include a number of things:
foam, felt, toothpicks, balloons, silver foil, bottle caps anything can be a craft item.

How about giving your kids an imagination box and seeing what they come up with.

What imaginative things have children in your life done?
If you gave your kids an imagination box-tell us what you put in and what they came up with?

Include some MakeDos which can be found in my amazon store.

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