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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Help! I'm Trapped In the Library!

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I was in the library the other day. That place is entrapping and takes you on journeys to lands you've never seen, or you're like a fly on someone's wall or shoulder. I really went into to pick up one book, I knew I would come out with more that just that one, but I didn't really expect to be as long as I was.

I read all types of books. I browse through the young adult, the young adult, children's, how-to's, and the DVD collection-I actually found an interesting one there that I liked, but that's for another post.

The way our library is set up is that the young adults and adult books are downstairs and the children's books are upstairs. Downstairs is where you check out the books.

So on that hot day, I go in to pick up my book that I had reserved and I find it on the shelf. I pick it up and tuck it under my arm and continue walking further into the library. I am now near the DVD section, there is a modest selection to choose from. I found a few that seemed interesting but being that DVD late fine is $1 and you only have them for a week. I only took 2. I then came upon the area where they have their selected books. Read the backs of a few and found one that seemed maybe interesting. I picked it up, put it back, picked it up and finally added it to my collection. I then went to the new books selection and picked up one or 2 that seemed interesting. Then on to the adults to check out if authors I'm interested in. I didn't luck out on that one, but I found some interesting titles that I picked up. I think I even got a bit absorbed in one while I was deciding whether to add this one to my growing collection of books. At this point I added the book in and placed my books and the DVDs in the bag I brought along. I went to check for one more of my favorite authors and mused about how we're always taught to never judge a book by its cover, but we still do that. Especially since the covers as well as the titles are what attracts our attention in the first place. I pay my fines at the kiosk before heading upstairs. I now made my way to the children's section. The set-up is a little different from what I remember. I found some authors that I loved when I was younger, but books I didn't read and added that to my collection. I now had a quite heavy bag and full arms. But I am trapped in that place, and I need to go check out the craft and DIY books in the children's section of course. Interesting over there, it got me really wanting to try a new hobby. I'm keeping the hobby I want to try a secret for now. I did place those books back on the shelf. I decide to take the elevator downstairs and get complimented on my necklace. It made me feel really good.

At the checkout machine I start checking out my books, there is no room in my bag for more books, I wonder how I am going to get them all home. I then notice a big plastic empty shopping bag on the floor near me. It doesn't seem to belong to anyone and it's got some holes. I decide it will do the job. Then on to my trek home.

I noticed all the private school kids in the library while I was there, so I figured it was around 4 o clock, maybe getting close to 5 o clock. I was shocked when I got home and realized I had been in the library for 3 hours!

On that note: You can check out my books I recommend page to help you start building a library of your own.

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