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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Can

Look at this can:

Yeah, the one in the middle.

Yummy, yummy pineapple.

Are you hungry yet?

Fooled ya, there's no pineapple in there.

It's full of..........................................................nah, I'll let you guess.

Did you guess yet? What did you guess?

Did you guess candy? You got it, there's an assortment of candy in there.

I got this idea from another wonderful blog called Come Together Kids.

Here's how I made mine:

1. I picked out a can, it had to be a special can of course, and this can of crushed pineapples was the lucky one.

Oh, you want to know what's so special about this can. Alright, I'll tell you. 1. People in my house like it and 2. it has a tab.

                                                                       See that tab.

2. Turn your can upside down and use a can opener (preferably the safe one), although you could use a regular can opener, like I did. Leave the cover partly attached.

3. Empty the fruit into a bowl or a container, or give it to some kids who ask "Can I eat that?"

4. Rinse out the can very well.

5. Fill up with candy, or other goodies.

6. Place tissue paper or a paper towel on top of all that candy. ( I put in a paper towel on both ends, because I didn't want it to be so noisy, and I didn't have tissue paper on hand.)

7. Glue gun, the bottom shut.

8. Turn it over, and who can tell that it's not pineapple.

It sure fit in with the other cans in the pantry really well.

I can't wait to see the recipient's reaction when she opens it. 

Her reaction: Why are you giving me a can of pineapple?

then she opened it, dumped out the contents and laughed.

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